Brandt Maturity Management

What is Maturity Management?

A process of producing ready-to-eat fruit with high maturity, flavor, and quality.

Brandt Maturity Management is the product of research and development, not the latest trend or buzzword.  The goal is to increase consumer satisfaction by using all the tools available that increase fruit quality.

The Fruit-Quality Toolbox

Field Nutrition and Harvesting

  • Utilize our database of fruit quality and cultural practices to identify field practices that increase flavor.

  • Identify the optimum harvest maturity for flavor and sugar for each different variety.

Handling Practices

  • Harvest fruit close to the packing facility.

  • Harvest fruit into small picking totes that are directly emptied onto the packing line.

Packing Line

  • Use packing lines that are designed to handle fruit delicately.

  • Use the latest post-harvest procedures to ensure long shelf-life.

Quality Assurance

  • Proprietary Quality Assurance program (QA-Ag) with critical control points, thresholds and corrective actions. 

  • Increases the uniformity of each box.

  • Collect a large database of fruit firmness, sugar, and defects for ongoing research.


  • Utilize pre-conditioning to inoculate fruit against internal breakdown (dryness, mealiness, and discoloration).

  • Because of our high harvest maturity the time necessary to pre-condition our fruit is much less, resulting in added shelf-life and fewer arrival problems.

  • The outcome of a preconditioning program is dependent on the quality of the fruit going into it.

Food Safety

Brandt tree-ripe fruit is 3rd-party certified by Primus Labs.